60m/min Core Rolling Machine is a machine that plays an important role in industrial production and is used to roll paper and similar materials. This machine has a technology that increases productivity and speed, especially in large-scale production. The 60m/min core maker Machine, which turns paper main bobbins into tubes at high speed and without interruption, significantly increases the speed and efficiency of the tube production process.

60M Core Maker Machine

What is 60m/min Core Making Machine?

60M/min Core Machine is a machine used for making cores in the production of products such as toilet paper and kitchen towels in the paper converting industry. This machine, which is especially used in large-scale paper production facilities, turns the paper into cores and facilitates storage and transport processes. This machine attracts attention with its high speed and uninterrupted production capacity.

What are the Features of 60m/min Bobbin Machine?

The features of the 60M/min bobbin machine include:

  • High Speed and Efficiency: Designed for fast production processes, which increases production efficiency.
  • Uninterrupted Production Capability: Thanks to its continuous working capacity, it minimises disruptions in production.
  • Flexible Production Options: Capacity to process coils of different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Durable and Reliable Structure: Design suitable for long-term and intensive use.

Where is the 60m/min Core Winding Machine Used?

The 60M/min bobbin machine is generally used in large-scale paper production facilities. It is also preferred in packaging and printing industries. This machine offers an effective solution in any environment that requires high production volume.

How should 60m/min bobbin machine maintenance be?

Maintenance of the 60M Bobbin Machine is important to ensure long life and efficient operation of the machine. The maintenance routine should include the following:

  • Regular Cleaning and Lubrication: Necessary for proper and trouble-free operation of the machine.
  • Inspection of Mechanical Parts: Regular inspection of moving parts for wear and tear.
  • Inspection of Electronic Systems: Regular testing and adjustment of the machine's electronic systems.

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The 60M/min Core Winding Machine is a high speed and efficient machine that turns the main bobbin into a core. It is especially ideal for large-scale paper production plants and packaging industry. Regular maintenance of the machine ensures its long-term and effective use. This machine plays an important role in modern production processes and is a factor that increases productivity.


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We offer our customers different models/lines according to capacity and specification, please let us know detailed requirements or contact our sales representatives for information and quote.

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