Industrial Log Saw Tissue Cutting

Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine plays an important role in the jumbo product production process in the paper converting industry. This machine is designed to cut large diameter toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls (logs) in specified dimensions and with high cutting precision. Jumbo products are toilet paper and kitchen towels used in the industry, which are generally large in diameter and tightly wound in the winding unit.

This machine which is suitable for cutting jumbo rolls is equipped with advanced technologies to increase the speed and efficiency of the production process.

What is Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine?

Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine is a high capacity machine used to cut jumbo rolls in specified sizes. With the eccentric cutting feature of the log saw blade and motor power, it cuts even very tightly wrapped rolls smoothly.

What are the Features of Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine?

  • High Cutting Speed and Precision: Capacity to make fast and precise cuts.
  • Large Capacity: Ability to cut jumbo rolls smoothly and with little waste.
  • Durable and Reliable Structure: Long-lasting structure suitable for intensive and continuous use.
  • User Friendly Design: Easy operation and adjustable features.




MIN 1350 – MAX 2800 MM


870 MM


Min 300 – Max 1000 MM








+/- 1MM

Where is Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine Used?

Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine is generally ideal for businesses that produce and market jumbo products. It is especially integrated into Non Stop toilet paper and kitchen towel production lines. It is the choice of high capacity production facilities. The machine is integrated into the existing line as well as produced alone.

How Should Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine Maintenance Be?

Maintenance of this machine is important to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation of the machine.

Since the units of cutting machines in the paper industry will fill up quickly from paper dust, machines with dust collection feature should be preferred first. The second and important point is that the cutting blade in the Log saw machine is durable and the automatic sharpening settings are made properly according to the way of use. Such fine details are the issues that will directly affect the machine life.

  • Regular Cleaning and Lubrication: Necessary for proper operation of the machine.
  • Maintenance of Blades: Checking the condition of the cutting blades and replacing them if necessary.
  • Control of Mechanical Parts: Regular checking of moving parts.
  • Testing Electronic Systems: Regular checking of the machine's electronic systems.

Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine Video

Industrial Log Saw For Napkin Cutting Machine Types of Products

  • Household Toilet Paper
  • Self-pull Toilet Paper
  • Jumbo Toilet Paper
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Internal Pull Towel
  • Industrial Towel
  • Examination Table Cloth


Industrial Log Saw Cutting Machine is an industrial machine designed for smooth cutting of tightly wrapped and hard rolls, capable of high speed and precise cuts. With regular maintenance and proper use, it will work long term and effectively.


What is a winding machine?

A winding machine is a piece of equipment designed to wind or coil materials, such as wire, yarn, thread, cable, or other flexible materials, onto spools, bobbins, or reels.

What are the primary functions of winding machines?

The primary functions of winding machines are to create organized, spooled packages of materials for storage, transportation, or further processing.

In which industries are winding machines used?

Winding machines find applications in various industries, including textiles, electronics, wire and cable manufacturing, and the production of thread and yarn.

How do winding machines work?

Winding machines typically have a spindle or roller that rotates, guiding the material onto a spool or bobbin while maintaining tension and even winding.

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