One of the important stages in the production of toilet paper is the cutting process. This process involves converting large bobbins of paper into toilet paper rolls of a size and shape that will be available to the consumer. The cutting process begins by separating large rolls into smaller rolls of specified width.

This process is carried out by high precision bobbin cutting (slitter rewinder) machines. These papers are divided into small rolls and then cut to standard toilet paper roll length. During the cutting process, great care and precision are required to avoid damage to the quality and structure of the paper. The cut rolls are then ready to be packaged. 

Toilet Paper Cutting Machines Types – Log Saws & Band Saws

2 Channels Log Saw Machines:

  • Features: The two-channel log saw generally has two cutting channels. This means that the machine is capable of cutting two different rolls simultaneously.
  • Areas of use: It is used in production lines for medium-sized toilet paper and paper towels. Its two-channel structure increases production speed and efficiency, making it ideal for small production volumes.

4 Channels Log Saw Machines:

  • • Features: This machine, with four cutting channels, has the capacity to cut four different rolls at the same time. This provides higher speed and production capacity.
  • Areas of use: It is preferred in large-scale production facilities. Due to its high production capacity and speed, it meets the needs of large volume production.

Industrial Log Saw Machine

These machines are particularly used in the paper industry and are common for cutting products such as toilet paper and paper towels. Industrial log saw machines, which have the ability to cut at high speed and precision, are equipped with automatic feeding systems and precise cutting mechanisms. These machines have high production capacities, allowing large volume orders to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Band Saw Machine

Band saws cut using a continuous metal band and are generally preferred in the woodworking and metalworking industries. Designed to cut thick and hard materials, these machines attract attention with their high cutting power and efficiency. Band saws, effective for cutting large materials, can be used in a wide range of materials.

Logsaws & Bandsaws Prices

Toilet paper cutting machine prices vary depending on a number of factors, such as machine type, size, degree of automation, cutting capacity, and manufacturer brand. Although simple manual machines may be more affordable, fully automatic and large capacity machines have higher prices.

Features such as technical specifications of the machine, cutting precision, speed and additional functions are also important factors that affect the price.


The future of cutting machines in toilet paper production lies in developments focused on increased automation, energy efficiency and sustainable production techniques. Machines in this field should be more precise, faster and more environmentally friendly.

DDC Makina aims to develop high-quality, energy-efficient cutting machines in parallel with these developments. The company aims to design innovative, user-friendly machines and achieve a leading position in the market, which will both increase production efficiency and raise standards of sustainable production.

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