The future vision of paper bobbin production machines focuses on energy efficiency, automation, and eco-friendly technologies. Sustainability and high efficiency are among the main goals in this area.

DDC Makina aims to maintain its leadership in the sector and increase its market share by developing innovative and environmentally friendly machines. In this regard, it aims to offer more efficient and advanced products that meet customer needs. 

Differences Between Transfer Machine Production Lines

The transfer machine creates a significant difference in production lines as these machines enable rapid and efficient transportation of materials between different stages of the production process.

Particularly in the paper industry, transfer machines increase continuity and efficiency when transferring raw materials or processed paper from one processing station to another. Through these machines, the speed of the production line and the quality of the products are significantly improved.

Transfer Machines Types


They play an important role in the paper industry and usually have high storage capacity, automatic speed control systems and the ability to work with different widths and thicknesses of paper.

These features are necessary to ensure uninterrupted flow in the production process, to quickly adapt to speed changes and to respond flexibly to different production needs. The use of accumulators increases efficiency and avoids wasted time during operation.

Transfer Machines Prices

Transfer machine prices vary depending on various factors such as machine type, capacity, technical specifications, brand, and reputation of the manufacturer. There is a wide range of transfer machines on the market, from simple, manual systems to large-capacity, fully automatic systems.

Generally, machines with more advanced technology, higher capacity, and automation features have higher prices. Additionally, features such as machine adaptability, energy efficiency, and additional functions may also impact the price.

Although used machines offer more affordable alternatives, the condition and performance of the machine should be carefully evaluated when purchasing.

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